The Influence Factor
Part Two

Content Creation

Mastering a New Age of Innovative Engagement

If your newsfeeds are becoming increasingly inundated with posts about Content Marketing, you’re not alone. But how do you actually go about crafting these valuable and relevant messages? Luckily you now have a trustworthy source on your side (see Part One if not), and Influencers are the masters of authentic content creation. Firstly, a quick word of advice; be open-minded. Although you probably never imagined the day you would see your app feature in a rap video or a cosplay act (and this might be a little startling at first), there is a reason why advertisers use YouTube to broaden their user base. The Influencer is an expert when it comes to understanding their fan base, and you should trust in their communication tactics. While we encourage advertisers to offer a few guidelines – such as keywords and the main idea behind the app – forcing Influencers to act and say certain things can jeopardize their authenticity and the trust of their fan base. The ultimate aim is to smoothly integrate your message into their usual content, without it looking like a sponsorship. The following comment from Tom Beeby, of Beeby Clark+Meyler, captures this idea perfectly:  

“What we’ve found to be more effective is not to try and totally script something for an influencer, because we can’t possibly speak in her voice as well as she can.”

Become accustomed to thinking outside of the box and you may just uncover a user goldmine. Say your app’s audience is a mature one, constituting mostly females who are interested in topics like parenting, home & garden, beauty and cooking, then don`t hesitate to use channels focusing on these verticals to showcase your app. For instance, take the blockbuster casual gaming app Candy Crush Saga, which was integrated into a cooking channel of all places. Despite the narrative appearing a little forced, it resulted in over a million views from an engaged target audience that was outside of their usual gaming realm.

Game of War Cos Play by Screen Team

Game of War Cos Play by Screen Team

The next step is defining what type of video you would like, or essentially how you would like to capture the interest of potential users. With a creative mindset you can integrate your product within multiple types of YouTube videos. After numerous stages of trialing and testing, we determined the most effective offerings and categorized them into four types below.

  • Review – The Influencer provides a review of their experience with an app and highlights what makes it exceptional to the target audience.
  • Tutorial – The Influencer demonstrates how to use an app, including special features and explains why it’s so great.
  • Plug/Mention – The Influencer endorses the app briefly at some point during their video, and encourages viewers to check it out.
  • Competition – The Influencer encourages users to take a certain action in order to receive a reward in the form of codes, coupons, entries for giveaways and so forth.

Start by addressing how ‘natural’ you would like the promotion to seem, as well as the amount of info you would like to share. While Reviews and Tutorials offer users a more in-depth explanation of your entire app, Mentions can be slipped into conversation more naturally, albeit with less information. Therefore, more complex games often require a video dedicated exclusively to their app, otherwise consider a Plug/ Mention video to reduce the perception of straight-up ‘product promotion’. Competitions provide an incentivized tool that promises higher user volumes, with slightly lower levels of engagement.

So finally the video is live and gaining traction. While we’re not going to venture into the technical nitty-gritty of measuring the Influence factor (TUNE does a great job of explaining it here), there are innovative steps you can take to boost the value of your Influencer relationship beyond simply watching the number of views tick over. In Part Three we will explore the most promising developments in the market and how to maximize on your YouTube partnership. If you’re interested in discussing the possibility of engaging new users through YouTube Influencers further, please contact us at contact@iconpeak.com.

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